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Dr. Artwohl provides training in behavioral science to law enforcement. Her seminars are widely praised:

  • "Dr. Alexis Artwohl is a true pioneer. Her research and training is of enormous value to cops, military, and mental health professionals and should be required for all professionals in those fields."
    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Ret.)
    Author of ON KILLLING

  • "Dr. Alexis Artwohl has had an important impact on many police officer’s work and lives, mine included.
    I first became aware of her work while reading the book DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS, which she co-wrote with Loren W. Christensen. The insight I gained from reading that book proved invaluable to my training efforts. Later, I was fortunate enough to have been sent a copy of a videotape of her presenting a class to a room full of law enforcement professionals. As I watched this classy lady move animatedly about while explaining how and why human beings act and react the way we do to various stimuli, I found myself fascinated with her presentation. At one point she turned sideways, extended her arms, and growled to illustrate how early man may have postured himself to intimidate an adversary, and I realized that here was an interesting human being who knew how to visually and verbally impart her message!
    I’ve since had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Artwohl, and attending one of her classes. I’ve also had the extreme good fortune over the past decade of being able to exchange ideas and information with her, which again, has proven invaluable to my own police training efforts.
    I highly recommend Dr. Artwohl and her work to anyone who desires to take a holistic approach to the art and science of police firearms training. She’s a brilliant professional with a heart of gold who truly cares about the men and women in blue."
    Mike Conti
    Director, Saber Group, Inc. (www.sabergroup.com)

  • "Dr. Artwohl knows the cop world and what happens in an officer's head in a critical incident. She played a key role in designing Utah's top-rated course in mental preparation for combat. She is an entertaining educator, skilled at teaching vital survival skills in a way that officers will remember her instruction on the street."
    Ken Wallentine
    Chief of Law Enforcement for the Attorney General, State of Utah

  • "We hosted DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS and had outstanding response, both from attendance and comments after the class. Alexis is a superb instructor with a powerful message."
    Ken Jenkins
    Training Coordinator

  • "As a veteran of 20 years, I have come across numerous mental health professionals that have no idea what cops really go through. In her seminars, books, and in person I have found Dr. Artwohl to be sincerely concerned about officers. As a trainer I have used to book and seminar material to prepare rookies and veterans. As a gunfight survivor, I have found her training to be right on target."
    Kevin Davis
    Akron Police Department
    Training Bureau, SWAT

  • "Dr. Alexis Artwohl is one of the nation's foremost experts in the field of critical incident stress. Her expertise in the field of deadly force encounters and keen insights into the psyche of street cops have contributed tremendously to the curriculum presented inn today's police academies. Without a doubt, she is responsible for saving the lives and careers of many police officers."
    Lt. Dave Grossi (Ret.)
    Former Lead Instructor with Calibre Press

  • "Dr. Artwohl's book and lecture are stuffed full of vital information that will not only prepare officers for armed confrontations but also for the tough days to follow. If you care about your personal well-being, read the book, attend the seminar, and be better prepared for the realities of the street."
    Lt. Dave Spaulding

  • "Dr. Alexis Artwohl is a one-of-a-kind "warriors Doc." She is respected by street cops and after surviving a deadly force encounter she helped me and so many others with the aftermath. She get a thumbs up and if you get a chance to attend one of her trainings you won't regret it."
    Detective Robert King
    President, Portland Police Association

  • "Alexis Artwohl IS the definitive source for cutting edge research into the most important and overlooked area of law enforcement training: an officer's mental response to stress. If you are an officer, administrator or trainer, you need to attend her training to get vital information that will give you the edge in patrol survival, administrative defense of officer's actions, and state of the art training tips."
    Charles E. "Yoda" Humes, JR.
    Director, Police Institute of Tactical Training

  • "In 1980 myself and another officer were taken hostage in a violent escape attempt from a correctional institute. For 14 years I lived with the negative emotional consequences that impacted my career and family. In 1994 I met Dr. Artwohl in a class she was providing to the Portland Police Bureau. For the first time in many years her words moved me from injury to recovery. Today I am a professional trainer and I urge you to take the time and invest in her message."
    John "Randy" Butler
    President/CEO, Law Enforcement Associates Response Network International

  • "When listening or speaking to Dr. Artwohl, it's evident she truly cares about cops. The information provided in her book and seminars has helped us make what we consider some of the best Defensive Tactics Training even better. By adding stress conditioning into our training based on Dr. Artwohl's information we're certain we have already saved lives."
    Phil Messina, President
    George Demetriou, Police Training Supervisor
    Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics Institute

Seminar Topics

Managing Stress In Law Enforcement
About one third of American workers experience job stress or burnout to the point where they have a diagnosable mental illness at some point in their career. For police officers these sources of stress include critical incidents on the street and organizational stressors inside their agency. Personal stressors also take their toll as they do for everyone. Dr. Artwohl will review the research that looks specifically at the mental health of police officers and will present findings that you may find surprising. She will then present strategies for coping and fostering stress resistance. Her information is based on solid current research.

*Click here for a printable copy of seminar outline.

Implications For Training And Investigations
Drawing upon the latest research, Dr. Artwohl will present a detailed analysis of the psychological dynamics of police combat and other extreme stress incidents. This includes perception, memory, decision making, and the complex relationships between the human beings involved: offenders, officers, the agency, the community. Understanding these dynamics will help agencies improve their training, reduce the many risk factors involved in use of force incidents, and maximize the accuracy of their investigations. She will review many research studies from the areas of psychology, sociology, biology, law enforcement, and investigations. In addition to reviewing the research, she will foster discussion on the implications of the research on training and investigations.

*Click here for a printable copy of seminar outline.

(*Please note: These files are in PDF format. Click here to download the Free Adobe Reader.)

Each of the above topics is a one day seminar. They can be combined into a two day seminar. They can also be reduced in scope and length for shorter presentations.
Both topics can be oriented toward line officers, investigators, trainers, management, unions, supervisors, risk management, and other interested groups.
Contact Dr. Artwohl to discuss your individual training needs at your agency or conference: alexisartwohl@msn.com or 520-834-7468.

Dr. Artwohl consistently receives excellent ratings for her seminars. Following are comments from her student evaluations:

  • "The best class I have had in 11 years of police work. All police officers should attend this training, especially administrators and management."
  • "Excellent presentation. Confident, articulate, caring - passionate about the topic."
  • "In 23 years on the job this is the first conference with a 'shrinks' presentation with 'cops' in mind."
  • "Very informative. Most of the thought process taught by Dr. Artwohl was new to me and superbly explained."
  • "I wish someone had told me what Alexis did - at the beginning of my career."
  • "Very compassionate speaker - great handouts."
  • "Extremely practical class. I will now begin to get more involved in the issue of stress management for life longevity."
  • "I think it is highly needed for all law enforcement training. The topic should be put into basic classes, then followed up the rest of the officer's life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
  • "This has helped me understand some past experiences and be armed for the future."
  • "Most of us have a prejudging of a psychologist but Dr. Artwohl was extremely interesting and very supportive of law enforcement."
  • "This was the best presentation to date - relevant, concise, useful."

Bio: Alexis Artwohl, Ph.D.

Alexis Artwohl, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized behavioral science consultant to law enforcement as a trainer, researcher, and author. She has presented to many organizations and conferences in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Jordan.

She is an advisory board member for the Force Science Institute (www.forcescience.org) and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (www.ileeta.org). She serves as the Behavioral Sciences Section Chair for the National Tactical Officers Association.

During her 16 years as a private practice clinical and police psychologist, she provided consultation and training to multiple agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as traumatic incident debriefings and psychotherapy to numerous public safety personnel and their family members.

Dr. Artwohl is co-author of the book DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS and other publications.

Dr. Artwohl’s husband, retired Asst. Chief David S. Butzer, is an international policing consultant with missions to Kosovo, Jordan, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

*Click here for printable copy of Dr. Artwohl’s vita.
*Click here for printable copy of Dr. Artwohl’s bio.

(*Please note: These files are in PDF format. Click here to download the Free Adobe Reader.)

Messages of Thanks

Dr. Artwohl, like many law enforcement trainers, has the privilege of receiving many messages of thanks from officers she has trained.

    "Just a note of thanks. Less than 72 hours after attending your seminar myself and some other fellow officers were involved in a shooting. I want to thank you for the dedication you put into your classes and for giving me the ability to handle this event. We were treated appropriately by our department and peers, and we were aware of the psychological, investigative, and legal issues necessary for our post-shooting survival. YOU made a lot of this possible. I am not an overtly religious individual, but I do believe I was sent to your seminar for a reason. A reason that became all too clear three days later."

    "Just a short note to say that I appreciate all that you have done in the area of teaching officers how to survive deadly force encounters. I have read your book and articles again in preparing to serve as an expert witness in a deadly force incident case. I remember when I was hired by the Portland Police Bureau and hearing you speak to my advanced academy class years ago. Your comments remain with me to this day. Thank you for all you have done for law enforcement." Randy Butler


Alexis Artwohl, Ph.D., and Loren W. Christensen

This acclaimed book gives invaluable advice on preparing win a deadly force encounter, and how to survive the aftermath. It was written for officers and their family members but will be informative for all.

It can be purchased at the following websites:


    "A superb book. It is destined to become a classic. It should be mandatory reading for all members of the professions or arms, in blue or green. Thanks for writing this book and thanks for caring."
    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Retired)
    Author of ON KILLING and ON COMBAT

    "This book is much more than the title indicates. It is an excellent resource for police officers, firefighters, the Coast Guard, paramedics and others doing emergency work on how to avoid "bystander" PTSD. They show how to overcome the impact of extreme experiences and heal instead of being emotionally wounded for life. Highly recommended.
    Dr. Al Siebert

    "I am impressed by the depths of her insights. An enlightening and truthful book about two individuals who really care about the well-being of the protectors of society. I highly recommend this book for all officers, administrators, force investigators, trainers, and significant others. In my years as a police trainers and writer, I have collected a lot of training material. On my bookshelf there are two books that I consider premiere officer survival resource publications. Now Deadly Force Encounters joins them"
    Guy A. Rossi
    Law Enforcement Trainer and Writer

    "If there was book that should be mandatory reading for all law enforcement officers, this would be it. "Boot" or "Old Salt", the depth and breadth of DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS makes it a must-have for any officer in your life."
    Nancy Ford
    Partners Off Duty

    "The books we consider must reading for cops can be counted on one hand. DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS is absolutely one of them. It's not just a theory base book - you will read about actual encounters and what the officers experienced, felt, and what they went through in the aftermath. Reading this book will enhance your survival skills."
    Detective George Demetriou
    Instructor for Modern Warrior

    "Dr. Artwohl's book is the most informative I have ever read on the subject. It is a must read for officers, supervisors, and police managers."
    Detective Robert King

    "Dr. Artwohl's book DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS has become an indispensable resource for innovative police trainers all across the country."
    Charles E. "Yoda" Humes Jr.
    Director, Police Institute of Tactical Training

    "DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS is essential material for any law enforcement officer. Her information on how to control fear is worth the price of the book alone. If you care about your personal well-being, read the book."
    Lt. Dave Spaulding

    "Dr. Artwohl's book, DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS, is on the reading list for every new recruit at our law enforcement academy and is a text used in our classrooms. I highly recommend it and our students love her book."


Dr. Artwohl's research article on "Perceptual and Memory Distortions in Officer Involved Shootings" was published in the October, 2002 issues of the FBI LAW ENFORCEMENT BULLETIN.

*Click here for detailed printable copy of article.

Published in the May, 2003 issue of the journal of the LAW ENFORCEMENT EXECUTIVE FORUM. To subscribe to this excellent journal go to www.iletsbei.com.

*Click here for detailed printable copy of article.

This article honoring Democratic Ethical Warriors is in the book WARRIORS: ON LIVING WITH COURAGE, DISCIPLINE, AND HONOR written and edited by Loren W. Christensen.

Available at www.lwcbooks.com.

(*Please note: These files are in PDF format. Click here to download the Free Adobe Reader.)

Message From Kosovo - From Dave Butzer

Dear Colleagues,

My husband, Assistant Chief Dave Butzer, retired from the Portland OR Police Bureau in 1999. On September 16, 2003, he went overseas for a nine week community policing training mission in Kosovo. It was so rewarding he has continued in his new career as an international policing consultant with multiple missions to Iraq and Jordan, and a mission in Afghanistan. Contrary to what you might believe in much of the media, many of the people he has worked with overseas admire America and appreciate what we are trying to do for them.

Here is a story from Dave that will help remind us all why cops wear their badge over their hearts:

"We all went to one of the villages we are working in the other day for a "cultural event" which combined a musical, a play, and poetry reading put on by the local youth group (14-30 years of age). The group is sponsored by an NGO (a non-profit helping organization). There were about 800-1000 people in the audience and we were the only internationals. The theme was to educate kids and help them resist bad things such as drug abuse, prostitution, smoking, drinking, domestic violence and war. They were good and it was quite entertaining. Even though it was in Albanian and we could not understand the words, the visuals were clear and powerful. The final number was anti-war. The skit started with friends gathering and talking to one another. One couple started arguing with another. Then everyone took sides and all the friends started fighting. Finally, all the friends have been killed. This is what actually happened in many places in Kosovo. Then one kid came on the stage with a flag that said "PEACE." He was followed by more kids displaying other flags. The first flag out was the American flag! My God it was powerful. I felt very proud to be an American! The next flag was the UN, followed by all the other primary countries that have helped here. The kids were holding hands and swaying back and forth, waving. That is the reason why I am here!"

ILEETA - International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association  

Law Enforcement legend Ed Nowicki has founded this excellent organization for law enforcement trainers.  The annual conference held in April is getting rave reviews. This is a great way to network with other trainers, get updated on the latest information, and perhaps present a class yourself.  Find out more at www.ileeta.org


The FORCE SCIENCE INSTITUTE, founded by Dr. Bill Lewinski, is sponsoring, conducting, and publishing excellent research in the area of police use of force. Go the FSI website at www.forcescience.org and sign up for Force Science News. It's free!

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For further information:

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